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Platinum's Works Corp

General Labors

When strength, stamina and endurance is the priority in any project. It is time to call our laborers.

Service Hours

Monday - Saturday
8 am - 6 pm

How it works?

The laborers may not possess the knowledge, skills, and experience of a professional. They may not carry a full set of professional tools like a professional would. But they have the strength and stamina that most pros don't have. And most of the laborers are ready to work in multiple areas.

As for now, send us your request via text message. Or by using our quote request form. Tell us what you need and we'll try to find the best candidates. 

Professionals vs Labors

As stated above in How it works. The laborers rely mostly on their strength and endurance for the heavy task. Most of the time they serve as helpers. While the professional depends mostly on their skills, knowledge and experience.

Laborers can be hired at a lower rate. But unlike a professional. They depend on the tools of the property manager or the homeowner.

Rate Comparison.

Let's say a client has a big project and needs 4 Handymen for 8 hours or a full day. The standard minimum for a Professional Handyman up to 8 hours is $400. $600 for an insured or bonded corporation. Doing the math, a client needs around $1500 for 4 Handyman a day. $1200 at a discount rate.

4 Laborers could be rent for around $899 per day. But there are many differences between their approach and the services they can provide.

Services that a laborer can perform

  • Construction Labor Help

  • Post Construction Cleaning

  • Demolition Help

  • General Maintenance

  • Trash Cleaning

  • Unload Merchandise

  • Some Lawn & Agricultural

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