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Platinum works offers a variety of services for all your needs. We have the equipment and highly qualified staff to provide timely service and we are confident that our cleaning services will leave the exterior of your home spotless.


  • Pressure Washing Highlights

    We are fully insured, professionally trained and regularly involved in seminars to keep our business up to date. Our commercial tools allows us to provide a fast and reliable service with low water consumption. Example; we can perfectly clean a standard driveway in about 30 minutes or less using less than 100 gallons of water, which translates to less than 0.99 cents on your next water bill. We can also bring our own water for an additional charge.


Our homes are the center of our lives. Home is where we live, raise our kids, and entertain guests. We must keep it clean.

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House Washing is the process of removing dirt, mud, grime, algae, mold or mildew from the exteriors walls of a home. We use effective Soft Wash method to avoid damage to the property.

Roof Cleaning is the process of cleaning a roof by removing grime, algae, mold or mildew from any type of roof. We utilize different methods depending on roof types to avoid damage. Our clients can also request drone inspections for a xtra fee.

High Pressure Washing with pre-treatment. We can perfectly clean a driveway in no time with our highly efficient selection of surface cleaners and commercial tools with a low water usage service.

High Pressure Washing with pre-treatment.

Soft Wash method to avoid damage to the property. We make our customers to experience like having a brand new fence once again.

It is one of our favorite parts. Looking at how those green, yellow and black spots in a pool enclosure and screen dissapear with our soft wash system and solutions. We always protect your screens using the right tools and methods.
When it comes to deck cleaning. We combine our chemical solutions with high to medium pressure, depending on the structure.

When multitasking or cleaning several areas in your property. There is no better way then booking by hourly rate. Do not apply to all, but In most cases our clients experience savings.


Pressure Cleaning, Low Pressure Cleaning & Soft washing, are different techniques and the most effective ways to keep your exterior surfaces nice and clean.

We choose the best technique, depending on your structure. 

Our pressure water stream and solutions, can penetrate textured exterior surfaces like wood, aluminum, and vinyl sidings, to keep them clean and sanitized. 

We can work to accommodate your individual needs, to provide you with only the best, most effective and safest techniques to beautify your property.

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Our goal has always been to ensure the complete satisfaction of every client, while offering premium services, at affordable rates.

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