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Roof Cleaning is the process of removing dirt, algae, and moss from roofs. Regular cleaning extends the life of the roof and prevents the premature need for re-roofing.

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    Efective Soft Wash Technique

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Easy.... Choose the service that has the closest square footage to your property, without surpassing the service limits.
For example; If your property is 1600 sq ft, you must choose the service for up to 2000 sq ft.

Don't know your property size? Just type your property address in Google and click on any real estate web page to find out. Or just send the address to us via text and we'll find out .

Note: Make sure that there are no modifications to the property.
Enclosure areas are not included in this rates.

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Roof Cleaning

Cleaning of roof tiles or shingles is a specialized task. Care must be taken not to damage the roof materials or force water underneath the shingles or tiles and into the building, causing water damage to the building’s interior.

We are highly skilled and professionally trained in all facets of roof cleaning. The methodology that we implement, or the approach we take, is dependent on the roofing material that we are cleaning.

We specialize in cleaning all types of roofing materials, including clay tiles, terracotta tiles, and concrete tiles, metal roofing, and asphalt or cedar shingles. We provide our services to residential clients and commercial clients

Don’t allow mildew, mold, or algae to ruin your home. We have the skills and equipment to make your roof spotless with our professional soft wash method.

We use the safest approach as specified by the industry leaders and professionals. Our method will completely remove all black and green algae, mildew, mold, dirt and grime while preventing damage and preserving your roof’s integrity for many years to come.

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Cleanliness is the best policy.

Platinum’s Works Corp uses a lab-tested method which has been in use for many years. This non-pressure Soft-Wash System is a 3-in-1 process that cleans the roof surface, completely kills all roof mold and mildew, and protects your home’s roof from further damage.

We use low-pressure and soft washing methods to clean your roof because high-pressure roof washing damages the roof and may cause water to leak into the building’s interior.

Trust us, we have the best service for you.

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